Washington Post: “Forget the meds and special schools”

A nice article showing the damaging effects of modern education. Some quotes from the first two pages to dampen your intellectual taste buds:

[ . . . ]Officially, Will was taking a gap year. But after 13 years of school, what he needed, what he’d earned, was a nap year. Will has long suffered from learning difficulties. It took years to pinpoint a diagnosis — and even when we did, figuring out how to manage it wasn’t easy. He needed a break. So did I.

[ . . . ] School was torture for Will. He couldn’t take notes, failed to turn in homework, forgot when tests were coming up. Yet on standardized tests, his verbal scores consistently exceeded the 99th percentile. I wondered why he struggled, when clearly he was bright.

“Just get him through school,” his first-grade teacher had advised. Neither of us sensed what a long and painful road lay ahead. But her advice became my mantra: Just get him through.

[ . . . ]  For years I’d been lurking on the Web site of a small Quaker school in a town 21 / 2 hours away. While we knew the school couldn’t cure Will’s problems, its philosophy of tolerance and inclusiveness gave us hope that, at the very least, Will’s problems would not be compounded. Our friends thought we were crazy to leave the town where we’d lived for 14 years, but it felt riskier to stay and push Will through a system that could not, by design, accommodate his needs or celebrate his strengths.

Away from the assembly-line approach to education with its tyranny of grades, Will flourished. For a while.

I have some thoughts, but I’ll get to those another time.


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