Come Out and Celebrate? | Public Discourse

Come Out and Celebrate? | Public Discourse.

My favorite part of the article:

Notre Dame will have to find a way to commit itself deeply to transmitting both the truth of human sexuality and the truth of human dignity. Celebrating NCOD does neither.

Rather than celebrating NCOD, Notre Dame should labor to teach its students that “gay,” “bisexual,” or any other sexual descriptor should be used as an adjective and not as a noun, as patterns of attraction one experiences, rather than realities that comprise the concrete foundation of one’s very existence.

Notre Dame should refuse to sensationalize, politicize, or aggrandize the disclosures—the decision to reveal one’s sexual attractions—through which students with same-sex attractions may achieve closure.

Notre Dame should not alienate students who are struggling with or questioning their sexuality by endorsing events that make wheat and chaff of the determinate and the indeterminate, the resolved and the unresolved, the public and the private. Instead, the celebratory and exultant nature of NCOD may communicate to those students who wish to remain private—or are unsure—about their sexual struggles that anything short of a proud proclamation constitutes a “closeting” or a denial of who they truly are and are meant to be.

The pastoral needs of Notre Dame students who struggle with their sexual attractions and understandings are many. The university indeed should be “filled with people who will readily walk with our students on their path to self-discovery,” as the aforementioned GRC official explained to me. I couldn’t agree more.

This is why Notre Dame should not walk with its students through those rainbow-colored doors.


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