Quick Quote: Rose Wilder Lane on God and Human Thought

Rose Wilder Lane, one of the mothers of the Libertarian Party, wrote in her magnum opus The Discovery of Freedom about the role of God in human thought:

Consciousness itself is an act of faith. No one can prove that he exists. No evidence of the senses, and no effort of logic, can demonstrate the existence of the element that everyone means when he says “I.” I simply know that I exist.

[ . . . ] Of course, millions do not believe that Jehovah exists, or Jupiter or Brahma or Allah or Christ. It is always possible not to believe in any God in whom other men believe. But it is impossible not to believe in God. The human mind will not work without a standard of value.

Anyone who imagines that he has no religious basis of thought and action is merely using another name for his god.

[ . . . ]  Read any so-called attack on religion. Listen to any man who claims to be an atheist. He bases his argument on faith in The Truth; he has a standard of good, a God. He must have one; the human mind will not work without it.

Since every individual is self-controlling, he acts in accordance with the standard of values in which he believes.

This is true, whether his God is the God of Abraham and Christ, or Reason or Destiny or History or Astrology or Economic Determinism or the Survival of the Fittest, or any other god by any other name. The majority of men have always believed in innumerable pagan gods. They still do.


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