A Few Words About Procrastination …

Good advice.



“Hard work is usually an accumulation of easy things that should have been done last week.”


Note the several operative words and phrases in the above statement:


In other words, more than one.   Things you need to do rarely travel along … they are an accumulation in the true sense of the word – multiple responsibilities which stack up and make keeping up even more difficult.  Two basic truths here: 

1)  a simple thing does not take much time.

2)  Many simple things do.

 “Easy Things”

We may be more likely to tackle the difficult and put off the easy, because we think “That’s no big deal.  I’ll deal with it when I have a few extra minutes.”  Of course, the longer we wait to do anything, the more effort it might end up requiring.

 “Last Week”

The pressure of time is multiplied…

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