I Did Not Notice . . .

. . . this excellent post by Art Carden on Allison Benedikt’s controversial article “If You Send Your Child To a Private School, You Are A Bad Person”. Two bits to entice you:

1. Exit, not merely Voice, is a way to make government-run schools more effective. Indeed, Kevin Grier makes this point (and directs us to this post by Alex Tabarrok): “exit makes voice effective. Or to put it another way, voice without exit is of limited use (think about complaining at the DMV).”


2a. Benedikt argues that in the long run, she was fine in spite of a lousy government school education. White notes the problem with her logic:

I will note that some elementary logic classes might have helped her: if bad education is not so bad, why is it terrible that it persists, and why does its persistence act as a moral imperative for people to eschew the best interests of their children?


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