Update on “Learn Austrian Economics!” and “What is Praxeology?” Pages

I updated both the Austrian economics and Praxeology pages. This is just the first of many updates in a long-range project to make both subjects more accessible to those who are interested.

Here are the updates on the “What is Praxeology?” page:

  • Updated the content
  • Put up Praxgirl’s YouTube playlist of praxeology lessons
  • Put up a list of current and future pages that will further explain the science of human action
  • Added a child page entitled “List of Notable Praxeologists”, with links to their respective works

Updates on the “Learn Austrian Economics!” page:

  • Put up three YouTube playlists that explore the content and history of Austrian economics
  • Linked to readings that relate to each playlist
  • Linked to both Tom Wood’s and Bob Murphy’s pages on Austrian economics

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