Why do progressives always want the government to intrude in their bedrooms?

That’s only one of the topics he covers. Here’s a sample:
“This birth control mandate represents, I think, the final step in our national transition from a society based on Natural Rights, to one based on ever-changing Artificial Rights. Our Natural Rights are enshrined in the Bill of Rights, and given to us by God, as a condition of our humanity. Artificial Rights are randomly declared by a governmental authority, and have no coherent philosophical or moral basis. Most importantly, unlike Natural Rights, which work in harmony with nature and mankind, Artificial Rights are bestowed on one segment of the population at the expense of another. This is how you can discern Artificial from Natural Rights: the former’s existence rests not on freedom, but on tyranny.”

The Matt Walsh Blog

“Get the government out of my bedroom!!!!!”

How many times have you seen that written on the internet, complete with multiple exclamation points so as to emphasize the emphasis of the emphasis of the emphasis? And there’s a funny thing about that phrase, aside from it’s general asininity: usually it’s trotted out in debates that have absolutely nothing to do with anyone’s bedroom.

There’s abortion, for instance. We’re told that laws against abortion somehow intrude on our “private lives” and “what we do in the bedrooms.” Now, I’m no “women’s health practitioner,” but I’m pretty sure that most people aren’t getting abortions in their bedrooms. They might have sex there, which is an act that no pro-lifer wishes to prohibit. We love sex, actually. We love every part of sex — even and especially it’s potentially life-giving aspects. It’s modern progressives who are the anti-sex curmudgeons. They’ve made it joyless…

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