Tuesday Toast: Bryan Caplan on Missing Students

For my first Tuesday Toast, I would like to give a toast to economist and EconLog blogger Bryan Caplan for his noteworthy posts on those 10% of students who never show up. Here’s a sample:

About 10% of my enrolled undergraduate students literally do nothing in my class.  They attend zero lectures, do zero homework, and fail to show up for the midterm or the final.  Yet when I’m handing out grades, the official roster confirms that they paid their tuition in full.

I understand dropping out.  But if you’re going to drop out, why not drop out officially, so you get a tuition refund?  Under GMU rules, students can only get a 100% refund if they drop before the second week starts.  But they can get a 67% refund during the next two weeks, and a 33% refund until the end of the first month.  Do students who do no work during month #1 seriously fail to ask for a refund because they imagine they’ll turn over a new leaf starting in month #2?

Who Are These Kids?

Who These Kids Are

Tell Me How It Feels to Be a Bad Student


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