Why Progressives Disgust Me

Progressives believe that they have brought enlightenment to our modern-day society, that they have revealed to modern man his original sin. Yet if you pay attention, you will quickly find that they are one of the most morally disgusting groups of people on the face of this earth.

Consider education. In the progressive’s view, it is a “right” of every child to learn English, mathematics, science, history, the classics, art, dance, poetry, foreign languages . . . you name it.

Then I read the following lines from an ad in my school newspaper:

As big corporate money attempts to take over public schools by controlling accreditation .  .  .

To every progressive reading this right now, thank you so much for setting an example to children by using your higher vocabulary to express the complex nature of this subject. Of course, I’m only joking. You are only attacking your own cause. You tell children to express their ideas with a larger vocabulary, then you simplify complex subjects in political discussions to the point where you can lambaste anyone with a different view.

Anyone with a good understanding of the labor market understands that students would not be going to community colleges and universities if there another option which gave them the knowledge and skills they needed and is well-acknowledged among employers in the field to be a legitimate form of accreditation. This is why we see online colleges, online accreditation programs, MOOCs, and the like appearing today. They give people – especially members of my generation – with low-cost forms of accreditation.

Of course, college professors do not want this. They would like to automatically be paid to both teach and research. That is why professors in both community colleges and universities fear the marketization of accreditation. As more people look to MOOCs and online accreditation programs, the brick-and-mortar university will go out of business. This is why they publish advertisements in student newspapers demonizing this phenomena, and lie about other services’ qualities.

Yet as they preach the gospel of the university, more and more students go into debt. New freshman come on to college campuses each year, unsure what to do, only given the advice of taking one more class . . .

This is why progressives disgust me.


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