Weekly #Apologetics: Pastor Matt on Blogs Every Christian Should Read

Pastor Matt answers at his blog what apologetics blogs are worth checking out:

What blogs should you check out?

1) The Poached Egg is The Drudge Report of apologetics.  I check it every day and thank God for Greg West who runs it regularly!

2) I want to be The Wintery Knight when I grow up! His blog is one stop shopping for the most current analyses of all issues related to the Christian worldview.

3) Detective J. Warner Wallace must think I am a stalker because every other “The Three Things You Need to Read this Week” mentions one of his posts.  I honestly don’t know where he gets the time to solve crimes, write books, lecture, produce podcasts and write such awesome (and practical) blog posts.  It’s like Cyberdine Systems was hacked by a Christian and produced the apologetic terminator!  Be sure to pick up his amazing book Cold-Case Christianity (David C. Cook 2013).

4-5) Melissa Cain-Travis does not blog as much as I like but when she does it is always a must read.  She actually maintains two blogs Hard-Core Christianity (one of my favorite blog titles of all-time) and Science, Reason and Faith.  Be sure to check out both.

There are a number of other quality blogs that you should check out by committed Christian defenders like Jacob AlleeJason WisdomEric Chabot and our brothers from across the pond at Saints and Sceptics.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the links you’ll find to the right.  The fact that William Lane Craig, the greatest apologist of our day, often answers questions from his readers at Reasonable Faith is a true blessing.

All good choices. I would add his blog to the list, considering he gives well-thought answers to timeless questions.


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