Despicable Me’s Lessons on Marriage

Here’s a snippet from the article:

So what made the movies so popular? Part of it has to be their sheer wackiness. Both follow the misadventures of a struggling supervillain named Gru who looks vaguely like a follically challenged parrot perched atop a chunk of granite that’s in turn balanced on a pair of drinking straws. (No, really, see for yourself.) The franchise starts with Gru having a bevy of knee-high, gibberish-spouting, daffodil-yellow minions to carry out his nefarious will, a string of middling heists on his résumé, and a serious inferiority complex. He fears he’s being supplanted by the next generation of bad guys. But a scheme to swipe the moon ends with him stealing the hearts of three orphans—mature Margo, tomboy Edith, and innocent Agnes—and realizing parenthood itself is a prize grander than any planetoid. Fast-forward to the second installment, where Gru has gone legit, turned his subterranean bunker into a jelly factory, and sought to become the best father possible to his three adopted daughters. There’s only one thing missing—someone to call mom.


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