Matt Rawlings on the Relaunch of Cosmos

It has recently been announced that astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson will be hosting the re-launch of the classic television series Cosmos. Pastor Matt Rawlings discusses it on his apologetics blog:

[ . . . ] Tyson is a brilliant and charismatic man who will no doubt make a fine host (although can anyone hold a candle to what Morgan Freeman did in hosting “Through the Wormhole”? I mean, God bless Mike Rowe but he ain’t no Morgan Freeman!).  But will Tyson (and outspoken atheist Macfarlane) be fair in their presentation of scientific evidence? Unfortunately, I doubt it.

I watched with horror when longtime PBS host Bill Moyers asked Tyson several questions about faith and science to which the new Cosmos host evaded and turned to lobbing ad hominems at fundamentalists who he accused of attempting to hijack science education (simply not true).  When Moyers asked Tyson about the Big Bang, the astrophysicist all but ignored the question–that is very troubling (for more listen to the recent podcast on all of this at Reasonable Faith where William Lane Craig tackles the issue).

The Big Bang troubles Tyson for the same reason it troubled Sagan (and Einstein) because it points to (1) a beginning, which opens the door to theological discussions and (2) the singularity is an even when the laws of physics fall apart and that is beyond the comprehension of many committed naturalists.

The failure to address it fairly is not only biased but poor science.  It betrays a blind faith in naturalism that the evidence at hand simply does not justify.  To be fair, Through the Wormhole and How the Universe Works are also programs that present semi-science for they do not give the whole picture (i.e., the problems with Neo-Darwinianism such as the lack of a supporting fossil record or naturalism’s failure to explain the origin of the universe or life itself). [ . . . ]


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