Occasional Thoughts: “Ban Bossy” and Mankind

Many in the conservative sphere have written about the new “Ban Bossy” campaign. I merely wish to put out a few thoughts of my own, and not write a lengthy post on the topic –

The first thing I’ve noticed in the discussion is that the campaign is based on a philosophical anthropology which defines man as socially malleable. If our cultural and political practices are the reasons for keeping girls from attaining top positions in high-end companies, then we must change said practices so there’s a more equitable balance between men and women in such roles. (The nature-nurture debate in psychology also comes to mind, but that’s just re-phrasing what I’ve just said.)

I’ve also noticed that many who object to the goal of this campaign (myself included) base it on their opposition to the anthropology behind the campaign’s message. I predict that this tension between different conceptions of anthropology will be the focus of most articles on this issue.


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