Tim Sandefur on Corporate Personhood

Why it’s not so mysterious that Hobby Lobby, as a corporation, has religious rights:

The concept of corporate personhood is a perfectly sensible idea, and crucial to our constitutional freedom.

There is no more mystery to the notion that corporations are considered “persons” than there is when we speak of a sports team as a single unit. We say the Seahawks won the Superbowl, but there’s no such thing, really, as the Seahawks — it’s just shorthand for a group of people who compete together. The same is true of other corporations: They are groups of people who act together as a unit — a “body” of people. “Body” is the right term, since the word “corporate” comes from the Latin word for body — and the law has regarded corporations as “persons” since the days of ancient Rome.

I don’t agree when he says that the Seahawks don’t really exist. Other than that, it’s an excellent article.


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