Friday Linkage

Eliot Rodger was the first male feminist murderer. (H/T Aaron Clarey)

Speaking of Aaron Clarey, here is his recent post on where the American economy is headed:

Where is all the production?  How does this purely retail economy exist?  How is this supportable in the long run?

And thus the important economic lesson.

Realize that in the Maple Grove economic nothing is produced.  Only consumed.  There are no factories, no assemblies, no plants.  It is 100% pure, cookie cutter retail.  Maple Grove’s “Municipal Gross Product” is 100% retail clerks, waiters, bartenders and baristas selling you things that are made outside of its city limits.  It is the first entire city that is solely dependent upon retail and would not exist otherwise.  [ . . . ]

Already this is happening to a certain extent globally.  The West, including America, the UK, and western Europe act like the world’s mega-malls.  China, SE Asia, India and nearly all other 2nd world serve as our factories.  And the debutantes of western society act likes spoiled suburbanite princesses, borrowing money from daddy (China and other creditors) so they can buy worthless, meaningless crap that only serves to play an unwinnable status game in the West.  However, equilibrium is universal, and no unsustainable system can survive.  And thus, just like Maple Grove or a suburbanite princess cannot maintain their parasitical existence without the constant supply of foreign made goods (and credit), so too will the American economy inevitably collapse.

A concise explanation of why I am skeptical of all increases in government expenditure:

The Imaginative Conservative is offering a new edition of Russell Kirk’s Prospects for Conservatism – his famous follow-up to The Conservative Mind.



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