Mid-Week Linkage

Despite its interesting take on many issues, anarcho-capitalism still does not solve the problem of political authority. (H/T Gene Callahan)

Speaking of critiques of anarcho-capitalism, Lucas Westman has written a very good series critiquing both libertarians and anarcho-capitalists over at the Saint Francis Commentary. Here’s the list:

Austrian economist Bob Murphy reviews Thomas Piketty’s new book.

Joy Pullman over at The Federalist writes about how the College Board is re-writing the U.S. History curriculum. In short:

AP U.S. History is not the only area of concern. After hiring the architect of new national curriculum and testing mandates as its president, College Board has recently been on a spree of “reforming” its curriculum and tests to fit those mandates, called Common Core. One outgrowth is the A-PUSH changes. Packer told the American Association of School Administrators that College Board is changing all its AP classes to be “less about simple memorization and more about critical thinking and synthesizing information.” The organization is even considering offering schools AP algebra instead of calculus because Common Core does not prepare students for calculus, he said. AP biology was one of the earliest to be redesigned, then U.S. history,and next it’s physics, chemistry, European history, world history, and art history.



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