Friday Linkage

Joseph Sunde reveals that David Brat, Virginia’s recent primary winner, is concerned about the real-world connections between economics and theology. Contains lenghthly quotes from an essay he wrote on usury.

Matthew Lamb on the argument “We shouldn’t legislate morality”.

Rachel Lu on parenting and modernism.

Carter Skeel on the illusion of self-ownership:

. . . Indeed, the concept of full self-ownership is misguided and dangerous.  Consider a fetus.  Even before she is born, she relies on another.  Once she is born, she is in almost constant interaction with other human beings.  It is not a stretch to say that she immediately has certain obligations to some or all of these fellow persons and they to her.  She is helpless on her own.  She cannot reject the help of others, even if she so desired.  As she grows up, she gets a job.  She might not realize it, but in doing so she relies on public infrastructure, national defense, the international economy, and countless other things.  Herein lies the confusion of self-ownership.  It’s easy to think we own ourselves and our labor on a personal level.  Yet when we look at the workings of the economy, our societal relations, and the world as a whole, how can we ignore our vast interconnectedness and universal reliance on others?  So many things are out of our control.

You have to admit, this summary of St. Aquinas’ Summa Theologica is pure genius:


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