Call for Papers: “Your Light Will Rise in the Darkness: Responding to the Cry of the Poor”

My friend notified me of this upcoming conference. Here’s the description:

“Among our tasks as witnesses to the love of Christ is that of giving a voice to the cry of the poor.”
~Pope Francis, Address to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 6/14/13


Inspired by the Pontificate of Pope Francis, the University of Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture is pleased to announce that its fifteenth Annual Fall Conference, entitled Your Light Will Rise in the Darkness:  Responding to the Cry of the Poor, will be held on October 30-November 1, 2014.  In our customary interdisciplinary fashion, this conference will take up a host of questions related to the human meaning of poverty and how to care rightly for the poor. These questions will be pursued in the contexts of philosophy, theology, political theory, law, history, economics, the social sciences, the biosciences, literature, and the arts.


We welcome the submission of abstracts drawing on a wide range of moral and religious perspectives and academic specialties. Possible issues to be explored may include:

  • Who are “the Poor”?  Defining and Measuring Poverty

  • The Preferential Option for the Poor

  • The Meaning of “Spiritual Poverty”

  • Assessing the “War on Poverty” on its 50th Anniversary

  • The Metaphysics of Money

  • Capitalism, American Democracy, and Catholicism

  • Portrayals of Poverty in Art and Literature

  • Poverty, Catholic Education, and Social Mobility

  • Poverty and Health Care

  • Poverty, Human Dignity, Inequality, and Justice

  • Poverty and Abortion

  • Poverty and Race

  • Poverty, Marriage, and the Family

  • Distributism and Catholic Social Teaching

  • The Catholic Worker Movement

  • Private Property, Poverty, and the Common Good

  • Crime and Poverty

  • The History of Poverty

  • Globalization and Poverty

For those who believe that a separation between theology and economics is unnatural, this conference is worth checking out.


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