Vincent Bruemmer on Kant and Dooyeweerd

Like Kant . . . Dooyeweerd initiates his philosophy by [sic] isoiating the logical and non-logical ‘modalities’: Kant does this through abstraction, Dooyeweerd through the principle of sphere sovereignty. From the start the intrinsic coherence between the logical and non-logical appears to be problematic in the philosophies of Kant and Dooyeweerd. It is hardly surrprising to find both of them faced with the epistemological problem of synthesis between the various law-spheres, a problem which is central to the transcendental critique of both

Vincent Bruemmer, Transcendental Criticism and Christian Philosophy, p. 160, quoted from Carl F.H. Henry, The God Who Stands and Stays (God, Revelation and Authority, Vol. 5), p. 345


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