Now this is interesting . . .

A few months ago, it came across my mind that both Herman Dooyeweerd and Edith Stein started as phenomenologists before contributing their own critiques to the discipline**. This led me to ponder about the similarites the two thinkers might have. Now, after conducting a search for resources on Franz Xavier von Baader (one of Dooyeweerd’s primary influences), I find that Edith Stein quotes Baader in her Investigation Concerning the State! Something tells me this would make a very interesting project indeed . . .

**For Edith Stein’s connection to phenomenology, see Alasdair MacIntyre, Edith Stein: A Philosophical Prologue. For Dooyeweerd’s connection, see Albert M. Wolters, “The Intellectual Millieu of Herman Dooyeweerd”; Dooyeweerd states in his Introduction to the New Critique that “Originally I was strongly under the influence first of the Neo-Kantian philosophy later on of Husserl’s phenomenology” (NC I, p. iv). J. Glenn Friesen has some notes on Dooyeweerd and phenomenology.


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