Scholastic Participation vesus Modern Gegenstand

Why I Googled “Aquinas & Gegenstand”, I’m still unsure. But here’s an interesting quote I came across because of it:

The relational character of all created, finite beings thus offers an imperfect reflection of the consummate relation, viz., of the persons within in the truine God–a conception that, as remains to be seen, the late Coleridge will recover with great urgency for a reluctant audience. To sharpen the point, we might say that persons in Aquinas cannot be objects because the latter term is not even properly applicable to nonhuman things. Res is not objectum is into something merely in “in itself” that opposes us in the sense of the German Gegenstand. We do not “confront” being now and then at our choosing, but instead, always “participate” in it. (Pfau, Minding the Modern)


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