English-Language Writings of Herman Dooyeweerd

NOTE: This is a list of works by Herman Dooyeweerd originally written in English. I have intentionally excluded English translations of Dooyeweerd’s other writings. Works are organized by year of initial publication. – KRH

The Contest About the Concept of Sovereignty in Modern Jurisprudence and Political Science“, Free University Quarterly 1 (1951): 85 – 106, online at [http://www.reformationalpublishingproject.com/pdf_books/Scanned_Books_PDF/TheContestAbouttheConceptofSovereigntyinModernJurisprudenceandPoliticalScience.pdf].

“Del Vecchio’s Idealistic Philosophy of Law Viewed in the Light of a Transcendental Critique of Philosophical. Thought”, Philosophia Reformata 22, no. 1 (1957): 1 – 20; 22, no. 3 (1957): 101 – 124. Entire volume online at [http://www.dbnl.org/tekst/_phi003195701_01/]

In the Twilight of Western Thought: Studies in the Pretended Autonomy of Philosophical Thought (Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 1960; second printing Nutley, NJ: The Craig Press, 1968).

Introduction to a Transcendental Critique of Philosophic Thought“, Evangelical Quarterly 19 (1947) 42-51, online at [http://www.members.shaw.ca/hermandooyeweerd/Introduction.pdf].

Transcendental Problems of Philosophic Thought: An Inquiry into the Transcendental Conditions of Philosophy (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1948).

A New Critique of Theoretical Thought, 4 volumes (Philadephia: Reformed and Presbyterian Publishing Company, 1953/1954/1957/1958; second printing 1969; third printing Ontario: Paideia Press, 1984; fourth printing Lewiston, NY: Edwin Mellen Press, 1997) [1]

Volume I: The Necessary Presuppositions of Philosophy, trans. William S. Young and David H. Freeman.

Volume II: The General Theory of the Modal Spheres, trans. David H. Freeman and H. de Jongste.

Volume III: The Structures of Individuality of Temporal Reality, trans. H. de Jongste.

Volume IV: Index of Subjects and Authors, ed. H. de Jongste.

Sociology of Law and Its Philosophical Foundations“, in Truth and Reality: Philosophical Perspectives on Reality Dedicated to Professor Dr. H. G. Stoker (Braamfontein: De Jong’s Bookshop, 1971), online at [http://www.reformationalpublishingproject.com/pdf_books/Scanned_Books_PDF/SociologyofLawanditsPhilosophicalFoundations.pdf]

What is Man?“, International Reformed Bulletin 3 (1960): 4 – 16. Republished in In the Twilight of Western Thought (The Craig Press, 1968). A scan of the original article can be found online at [http://www.plantinga.ca/rr/dooy-irb.pdf#]

[1] Many Dooyeweerd scholars acknowledge that, while A New Critique of Theoretical Thought was originally intended to be a translation of Dooyeweerd’s earlier De Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee (3 vol., Amsterdam: H.J. Paris, 1935 – 1936), the New Critique ended up becoming a new work.


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