The Review of Metaphysics on Vincent Brummer’s Critique of H. Dooyeweerd

Brummer repeatedly presents Dooyeweerd’s criticism of Kant, that a critical philosophy, to be thorough, must not leave any of its presuppositions unaccounted for and that Kant’s dogmatic assumption of certain positions vitiates the rest of his philosophy. Dooyeweerd opposed Kant’s absolutization of logic, and presented instead a cosmological basis for the transcendental criticism of philosophical thought. Dooyeweerd’s own philosophy appears to be quite complex and elaborately systematic; in principle, nothing is left out. Brummer does show, however, that some areas of Dooyeweerd’s work need further elaboration, notably that of philosophical anthropology. – C. D.

“Books Received: Summaries and Comments,” The Review of Metaphysics 18, No. 1 (Sept. 1964), p. 172.


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